Royal Children's Hospital Cheque Handover!

Firstly I would like to thank each and every one in this group who donated and give a special thanks to everyone who attended todays massive $16,787.56 cheque handover. Duck and Quail Hunting Australia’s “Aussie Hunters show of Hearts” foundation is the ONLY hunting organization that has given this much back to the Royal Children’s Hospital and without EVERYONE of you in this group this would never of happened! We have been told that every dollar raised was muchly appreciated by the Royal Children’s Hospital and they were overwhelmed with our hunting community and the lengths we go to support each other. Our money is on hold and going towards a great cause for new much needed equipment! This is just the beginning, we will keep on raising much needed funds!!!Let’s hope this time next year we can hand over an even bigger cheque! Once again well done everyone on helping support and donating to a fantastic cause, The money raised will support many lives NOW and into the future!