2021 Victorian Duck Season Announcement!

The Victorian Government has just announced the 2021 Victorian duck hunting season.

Season length - 20 days

Season open – 8am on Wednesday 26 May 2021

Season close – 30 minutes after sunset on Monday 14 June 2021.

Bag limits (modified)

Daily bag limit of five game birds per day for the entire season.

Hunting the Blue-winged shoveler is prohibited for this season

Start times are delayed until 8:00am from Wednesday 26 May through to Sunday 30 May.

Hunting must cease half an hour after sunset on each day.

Rest of season hunting times

For the rest of the season, hunting times start half an hour before sunrise and end half an hour after sunset.

Seven of the eight species of game duck are permitted to be hunted during the 2021 season. Species permitted include Pacific Black Duck, Mountain Duck, Chestnut Teal, Grey Teal, Pink-eared Duck, Wood Duck and Hardhead.

-Wetlands closures are still yet to be announced!